Beginning Reading Workshop + Phonogram Kit Bundle


This is a product bundle that includes BOTH the beginning reading workshop and the complete phonogram kit. If you want to purchase one of those separately, click the link.

This 1-hour, video-based workshop covers everything you need to know about teaching beginning readers.

If you still have questions after the workshop, you can email me and I’ll respond individually.

The workshop covers:

  • How to assess reading readiness
  • What print awareness and very early literacy skills look like
  • What the process of learning to read looks like start to “finish”
  • How to introduce letter sounds
  • The blending game that will help your child go from reading individual letters sounds to sounding out words.
  • How to teach reading at each step of the process using mostly materials you have at home and the stuff included in this kit!
  • Recommended tools, curriculum, & books to help you

This product also includes my complete phonogram games, cards, and worksheets kit…

  • Printable phonogram flash cards for the 75 most commonly used phonograms
  • 11 no-prep games you can play to introduce and review phonograms
  • Phonogram progress tracking charts (pictured)
  • Master spreadsheet with all 75 sounds for parent-reference
  • 50 page multi-letter phonogram handwriting worksheets for kids ages 5-8
  • Upper and lowercase alphabet traceable pages for preschoolers – recommended to use with page protectors and dry erase markers.
  • Large, traceable lowercase letters for the first 26 phonogram sounds – recommended to use with page protectors and dry erase markers


You’ll receive instant access to the video-based workshop and the printable phonogram kit.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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