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“We played the mp3 songs while we were driving in town. Now a year later, they still know the songs. Whenever the subject comes up, especially in math, the kids break out in song from the ones they learned over a year ago!”

– Travis

Highly recommended!! All of our memory work is in one place now, finally. And professionally compiled. The tunes are catchy for the kids (11, 10, 7, and 5) and myself. We were able to upload the songs into Youtube Music, added our own hymns and worship to the playlist & now we have memory in motion… at breakfast, in the car, or on a walk. What a gift to our family’s homeschool journey.”

– Amy

“These songs are wonderful! Before we had them, memory work was an act of pure will. Now, my kids and I joyfully sing along in the car. My 3 year old sings the definition of a noun; my 6 year old sings an entire Bible passage. I’m in awe. Honestly, Musical Memory is amazing… whether or not you homeschool, these songs are an essential tool for learning!”

– Jenna

My kids look forward to listening to and singing along with their memory work each day now. Renee has done such a wonderful job with these songs – they’re short, catchy & easy to memorize. My 5 year old is singing Latin conjugations, and we’ve all memorized several Bible passages. Thank you, Musical Memory!”

– Sarah

Short, sweet, catchy. Memory work 100% put to song.

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