Musical Memory FAQ

Waitlist Info

Musical Memory will be launching soon!! To get on the waitlist, download 2 free sample weeks and get a sneak peek at the whole program.

The Math Fundamentals album is currently the only album for sale individually. The entire Math album is included in the Year 1 Program that’s launching soon, though. So, don’t buy it if you plan to try the Year 1 Album.

What is Musical Memory?

Musical Memory is a memorization program that helps children learn the basics of some standard elementary school subjects. So far, we have songs for Math, English Grammar, Science, Latin, and Bible. It is intended as a supplement to curriculum for individual families and larger homeschooling communities. 

How does purchasing Musical Memory work?

We have made Musical Memory very easy to access. Anything you purchase can be used freely in your own home, for your own family. When you purchase a Musical Memory album, you’ll receive a zip file with all the mp3s of individual songs for the album you purchased. You can use any MP3 player app you want to listen to those, download them on all your devices, or even burn CDs for the car if you’re rocking one of those ancient minivans with a cd player like we are.

You can use any mp3 or music playing app you want. Here are our app recommendations.

What if I want to share with my co-op or a group of families? 

We offer custom discounts for homeschooling communities and co-ops! Whether you have a formal homeschool program, or are just a group of families who homeschool together, you can access our group license discount code by contacting us. Everyone in your group will receive individual access to the albums at a discounted rate. 

How do the songs help my homeschool? 

We have created albums of songs that cover the fundamentals of several standard subjects. Play the songs, and help your children learn them well. As your children study each subject more deeply, they will have the fundamentals of that subject already memorized, which will help then understand deeper concepts more quickly, and more thoroughly.

To learn more about how Musical Memory works to enhance critical thinking and deepen understanding, read this article

How is the Musical Memory program structured?

Everything we’ve created is very flexible, and you should feel free to tailor it to your family’s homeschooling. We sell the same songs organized a couple different ways.

Individual Subjects

You can purchase subjects individually, which works well if you don’t have any interest in working on a comprehensive memorization curriculum with your family, but you want to memorize specific subject matter.

For example, some families don’t feel like they have the capacity to work on Latin from a very young age, but they want their child to be prepared to study Latin when he’s older. The Latin album is perfect for that! (And it’s coming soon!!)

It was designed in conjunction with experienced Latin teachers who helped create the scope and sequence for the songs. The Latin album adequately teaches the fundamentals of Latin and can be used to prep a child for any Latin program down the road.

Some families choose to purchase the Math Album to aid with memorizing math facts and formulas.

Other families will use one specific science topic, such as our Astronomy Album to go along with an astronomy unit for the year. 

3 Year Program

If you are interested in using Musical Memory in a more comprehensive way, we have divided all of our material up into three years of weekly work. If you work on one Yearly Album per year for 3 years, you’ll complete the entire program. We recommend working on the albums twice during elementary school, so 1 album per year from K-2 and then repeat the albums from 3rd-5th.

The Yearly Albums are written for a 28 week school year, allowing for plenty of review & breaks throughout the year. Refer to our Program Overview Page for more information. 

Is Musical Memory a complete curriculum?

Nope! It is intended to supplement whatever other curriculum you use by making it easy for your child to memorize the basic facts for each subject area. Musical Memory is not based on any other specific curriculum. It works well alongside many of the popular homeschooling curricula.

We worked together with experts in each subject area to compile the text for the program. Plus, we surveyed lots of popular curriculum & the good ol’ dictionary to come up with standard definitions & formulas. Math formulas, English Grammar basics, and the layers of the atmosphere are fixed, and most of our program contains the basics that will be relatively similar across very curriculums, with occasional slight wording variation.

How do families use Musical Memory in their home school? 

Typically, families who use Musical Memory treat memorization as a family subject for elementary school aged kids, meaning all kids ages 4-11 practice the songs at the same time. You can use our 3 year program and practice the “weekly lists” comprised of a few different subjects. Or, you can handpick the subjects you want to work on for the year and create your own schedule for learning the material.

You can do Musical Memory any time during your homeschool day – before/ after read-alouds, during a meal, or even in the car. Our family focuses on 1 week at a time for the 28 week school year, but occasionally we’ll just play the entire album once through while the kids play legos or do other hands-on activities.

(For easy access on any Android or iOs device, we recommend using CloudBeats exclusively for your Musical Memory songs. When you have one dedicated app for all the songs, it’s easy to review anytime, anywhere. Maybe someday we’ll have our own app!! But for now, we’re not that fancy and we like using CloudBeats. Here’s how we use it.)

I love it all! Can I get it all at once?

Yes, you will be able to purchase our entire program for a one time purchase. With the complete Musical Memory Program, you will receive all the songs organized by both individual subject material, and yearly work. You will also receive the week by week calendar of study that we recommend and all the song lyrics as well.

The entire program isn’t available to purchase yet, but anyone on our email list will receive the first opportunity to pre-order the whole thing at a discounted rate. You can join the email list by downloading the 2 week sample here!

What about using Musical Memory in schools?

We create custom packages for classical schools and hybrid homeschool programs. With your custom program, you will receive a tailor-made weekly printable guide of Musical Memory based on your number of school weeks, the written material you want, and all of the songs to distribute to your students as you please.

Email us to schedule a free 30 minute call to ask any questions you have about 100% customizing Musical Memory for your school’s needs.

How do I practice Musical Memory at home? Do I just play the songs or is there more to it?

You can practice Musical Memory however you want in your homeschool. Here are some ideas for utilizing Musical Memory in your homeschool. 

How did you choose the content for Musical Memory?

The program is written in collaboration with teachers and homeschooling parents who have been successfully using classical methods for years. They contributed to the subject content for their areas of expertise, and we organized the content into short, sweet, and catchy songs. We pored over multiple highly rated curriculums for each subject to compile a comprehensive, yet simple foundation for each subject area.

The goal of musical memory is not to teach your child everything they need to ever know. (That would be impossible!)

Rather, we aim to help you & your children learn the basics in a fun, simple way and inspire them towards asking questions and digging for answers on their own. The process of memorization trains the brain to sort & file information and builds a framework for drawing connections as children grow in their ability to think critically on a deeper level.

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