when, why and how teaching skip counting

When, Why, and How to Teach Skip Counting [Download Songs]

In this post, you’ll learn when to teach the different concepts involved in skip counting, why skip counting is effective for young children as a precursor to multiplication, and how to teach skip counting in simple ways to each age group. By starting with the skip counting songs method & transitioning to conceptual understanding when …


29 skip counting activities

29 Low-Prep Skip Counting Activities That Kids Love

This post is full of simple & fun ideas for skip counting activities that you can use to help a child learn & practice skip counting. Plus, I’ve created several free resources & printables that you can download. You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to teaching skip counting. All of these are …


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Best Skip Counting Songs for 4-8 Year Olds [DOWNLOAD SONGS]

In this post you’ll learn why skip counting for 4-8 year olds is key to helping kids master multiplication and division as they get further in their math studies. You’ll also learn why songs make skip counting easy & how to make up your own skip counting songs. Or, you can download our short, simple …


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Resources for Preschool at Home

I recently did a Facebook live session with some newer homeschooling moms about our trials & errors of preschool at home as well as my favorite resources for preschool at home! This post shares the details of what has worked in our home, for our kiddos. Our basic approach for ages 0-4 has been to …