what if you don't finish the homeschool curriculum

What if We Don’t Finish the Homeschool Curriculum?

Do you ever worry that you’re not on pace to make it through the curriculum or finish in time or cover it all… or [insert your fear about your kids’ progress or lack there of.] I’m going to say something very controversial in the homeschool world. It might ruffle your feathers. You might vehemently disagree. …

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preschool at home

The Ultimate Guide to Simple & WorthwhilePreschool at Home

I was so intimidated by preschool at home when we first started homeschooling. I worried about how I’d know if our kids were “behind,” how to choose the “right” curriculum, socialization, and so much more. That cutie pie first preschooler is 11 now, and I’m more confident than ever that any parent who is determined …

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episode 015 everyday homeschool podcast when you hate homeschool

Episode 014: When You Start Homeschooling and Hate It

This episode’s guest is my dear friend, Kristin Hruska. She was incredibly vulnerable as she shared how she hated homeschooling in the beginning. For anyone who has felt… This one is for you. No one is a homeschool supermom. Don’t believe that lie. Soak in the truth and heart behind what Kristin shares in this …

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Episode 013: Reflections After Homeschool Graduation with Renee Robinson

My friend, also named Renee, is joining me in today’s episode! She is FULL of grace and wisdom. And I highly recommend subscribing to her substack!! She and her husband felt called to begin homeschooling when her boys were in 7th, 5th, and 2nd grades. Renee shares openly about the ups and downs of …

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everyday homeschool episode 12 planning and vision

Episode 12: Homeschool Planning and Vision

In this episode, I walked through the first few lessons in my Homeschool Planning and Vision Course. The video version of the episode is at the bottom of this post. You can use these free planning sheets to follow the process outlined in this episode: They can be printed or customized right in Google Drive/ …

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Episode 011 cindy rollins morning time

Episode 011: Morning Time with Cindy Rollins

In this episode, I interviewed Cindy Rollins, who is the author of several books including Morning Time: a Liturgy of Love.  Morning Time is the main topic of this episode, but of course, we wandered down different conversational paths, covering several aspects of homeschooling life. In this episode, you’ll hear: Cindy has the benefit of …

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math songs for kids musical memory

33 Math Songs For Kids Ages 4-10 [Instant Download]

These math songs for kids are such a great way to learn math facts, formulas, and principles.  Listening to math songs is truly one of the best ways to learn all kinds of math concepts. Whether you want to learn multiplication tables & multiplication facts, the commutative property rules, or formulas for the areas of …

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how to teach phonograms with phonogram list

7 Best Tips for How to Teach Phonograms with Complete Phonogram List

Today I’m going to explain exactly how to teach phonograms to your child at home so you can teach them to read. Phonograms are the building blocks of the English language. The phonogram tips, resources & activities in this post are the main tools I’ve used to help our children learn to read between ages …

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new homeschool mom questions session 1

010 All the New Homeschool Mom Questions Session 1

Hey there, homeschoolers! Welcome to another episode of Everyday Homeschool. Today, I’ve got my good friend Jamie Weak, and we’re diving into the world of homeschooling. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode’s got something for you. Jaime has gathered a bunch of new homeschooling mom questions to ask. We’re tackling those …

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The Ultimate List of Homeschool Room Ideas & Organization

Whether you have a small space or an entire dedicated space for a homeschool classroom, you can homeschool in your house. You don’t need fancy shelving or a special room. You probably will want to think through what kinds of homeschool supplies you want to store & how you want to use those things on …

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How Kids learn to read episode 009 everyday homeschool

Episode 009: How Kids Learn to Read

Welcome back to another episode of Everyday Homeschool! Today, we’re tackling a topic that can be equal amounts joy + fear + frustration… Teaching our little ones to read at home. Side by side, on the couch and hopefully without all tears or tantrums. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know just how overwhelming …

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Episode 008 everyday homeschool anyone can homeschool

Episode 008: Can Anyone Really Homeschool

Today’s Everyday Homeschool episode is super cool. I had a chat with Nicki Truesdell, who’s been in the homeschool world for 40 years! She was homeschooled from middle school on, then spent 23 years homeschooling her own kids. Talk about crazy dedication! We talked about how her homeschooling journey has been like a rollercoaster, with …

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