Help Downloading

You can play these songs however you want – any app/ device or burn CDs if you want! Do whatever feels easiest to you.

But we have a suggestion. If you want to be able to play these songs in the car through your phone, you’ll need an mp3 player app. 

We have found that accessing mp3 files in some subscription based music apps seems really difficult. (I’m looking at you, Spotify & Apple Music.)

So, we dug around and found some other options.

CloudBeats (iOS) – seems to work well on iOS. There is a free version, but honestly, the one-time purchase version is much easier to work with. It’s less than $10 and totally worth it in my opinion. If you find a different iOS app that works well, please let me know. I’d love to compile a list. Here are the instructions for getting your Musical Memory songs in CloudBeats with an iPhone.

Android – Some apps that work well for Android users are Shuttle and Musixmatch

Computer to Phone Sync – If you create a Youtube Music account (with a Gmail address) on your computer, you can do the following on your computer:

  • Download the files from the email.
  • Unzip the files.
  • Open Youtube Music & drag the album folders into Youtube Music “albums.”
  • Download the Youtube Music App on your phone & login with the same email account.
  • All your music should be there.