How to get Musical Memory Songs into the Cloudbeats App on iPhone

This step by step tutorial will show you how to get the Musical Memory songs into the Cloudbeats app on your iPhone. For Android users, we recommend Shuttle, Musixmatch, Audipo, or Youtube Music.

Make sure you get the paid version of Cloudbeats! It’s a 1 time purchase of $6.99 and the free one works differently from this tutorial.

There is a complete video recording of this tutorial highlighted on the “Cloudbeats” highlight on my Instagram account, here.

Step 1 – Open the receipt email you automatically received after purchase. It has the download links.

Click the red circled part that says “Year 2 Songs All.” Then choose Safari.

Step 2 – Wait for it to load. The file is big, so it might take a while.

Step 3 – Once it’s down downloading the zip file, you’ll see something like the screen below. Click the “more” button (shown left below). Then pull the options up by dragging your finger up where the red dot (right below) shows.

Step 4– Click Save to Files, then choose On my iPhone. To choose on my iPhone, collapse the entire menu so that your screen looks exactly like mine does below on the right. Once On My iPhone is gray as shown below, click save in the upper right hand corner.

Step 5 – Now we need to go find that file we just saved and unzip it in order to access the songs. To find the file, search your iPhone for the Files app. (Swipe right on the home screen of your iPhone to search your phone. Search for the Files app. Click the Files app folder to open it. )

Step 6 – You want to see the Browse/ search option in the files app like shown below on the left. If you see some sort of random files and folders as shown on the right, click the back arrow (circled in black) until you get back to the Browse/ search option.

Step 7 – Click On my iPhone. (Below left)
Find the zip file that says “Year+2+Songs” or something like that. (Below center)
Click that zip file & it should unzip immediately and show a folder downloading. (Below right)

Step 8 – Open that folder and you’ll see all the different songs sorted by subject as well as a weekly playlist folder. Yay! (Pictured below) You’re almost done. Now we’ll go to the Cloudbeats app and import the songs into the app from that folder.

Step 9 – Open Cloudbeats. Login and/or create an account if you haven’t in the past (not pictured). Regardless of what your home screen in Cloudbeats looks like, navigate to the “offiline” section of the app by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner and clicking “offline.”

Step 10 – Click the Folders word towards the left (#1 below). Then click the download arrow (#2 below). Then choose iCloud Folders (right below).

Step 11 – Now we can find the Year 2 Songs folder from Step 8!

Click On my iPhone (#1 below).

Find the Year 2 Songs folder. (#2 below).

Click it so it drops down all the different folders that were in there (#2-3 below).

Choose the folder you want – I selected the Weekly playlist first. Then click Done (#3-4 below).

Repeat Steps 10 & 11 – For each folder that you want to import, repeat steps 10 & 11 where you click the download arrow, choose iCloud folders, and navigate to the next folder of songs you want to import.

Step 12 – Once you’re done with all the folders, go back to the main “offline” tab and click Albums. You should see what’s pictured on the left below. If you click into that weekly album, you’ll see a complete playlist for all 28 weeks’ worth of songs! Yay!! The other subject albums are great for review as well.

If you made it to the end – nice job!! That’s kind of a lot, but it’s also the basic process for always getting audio from your computer into your phone. Now that you know how, hopefully it’ll feel easier in the future.

Bonus Pro Tip for the Future!

I actually do this for ALL homeschool audio files that we use – audiobooks for Story of the World, our audio poetry curriculum from IEW, & more. Sometimes, rather than downloading on my phone like we did in steps 1-7, I just download onto my computer and put the files into Dropbox or Google Drive. Then I jump straight to Cloudbeats (Step 9 in this tutorial), go to the offline section, and click that download arrow in the upper left. But if I’m wanting to access files that are in Dropbox/ Google Drive, I click “Connect Cloud” and sign into the account I want to connect. Once you sign in, you’ll be able to see your entire Dropbox/ Google Drive folder and just choose folders in there. I have an IG highlight demoing this entire process of getting files from a CD or your computer onto your phone. It’s under my Audio help! highlights here.