Episode 011: Morning Time with Cindy Rollins

In this episode, I interviewed Cindy Rollins, who is the author of several books including Morning Time: a Liturgy of Love.  Morning Time is the main topic of this episode, but of course, we wandered down different conversational paths, covering several aspects of homeschooling life.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why reading aloud and narration might be the two most important components of our homeschool
  • Practically how to start with narration and stick with it
  • What prepares your kids for life (Cindy and her husband have launched 9 of them!!) 
  • Creative ways to build the habit of attention
  • And what to do when people are grumpy. 

Cindy has the benefit of hindsight. She can look back on her decades of daily, faithful seed-planting & watering and see that it was indeed worth it. She gave homeschooling a resounding, “Yes, I’d do it all over again.” 

Run, don’t walk to get Cindy’s Morning Time book. (I’m actually running to get her newest book, “Beyond Mere Motherhood,” as soon as my book budget resets next month. 😊)

This Morning Time Book has been an amazing gift to my own homeschool planning and routines and I can’t recommend it enough. 

My goal with this podcast is to equip, inspire, and encourage you in your own homeschooling journey. 

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