010 All the New Homeschool Mom Questions Session 1

Hey there, homeschoolers! Welcome to another episode of Everyday Homeschool. Today, I’ve got my good friend Jamie Weak, and we’re diving into the world of homeschooling. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode’s got something for you.

Jaime has gathered a bunch of new homeschooling mom questions to ask.

We’re tackling those burning questions and worries that come with homeschooling… like wondering if you’re doing enough and those feelings of being lost in the whole thing.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Guidance and tips for choosing the right curriculum
  • Real talk about what homeschooling is really like versus what you might expect
  • Tips for crafting a flexible homeschool schedule that actually works
  • Some golden nuggets of wisdom for those on the fence about homeschooling.

You’re not alone in this crazy homeschooling journey. Find some community in real life to cheer you on. And feel free to pop into my email or instagram DMs any time for some encouragement. We’re all in this together…

Happy homeschooling.

Resources mentioned:

The read-aloud handbook by Jim Trelease

The Enchanted Hour by Meghan Cox Gurdon

The Read-Aloud Family by MacKenzie Sarah