Episode 004: Ohhhhh You Homeschool….

In this episode, I share the 3 basic questions I get any time we get into that conversation in public and someone says, “Ohhhh… you homeschool.”

I’m half kidding about the tone of the stranger’s response. Most people respond positively when it comes out that we homeschool.

But honestly, their opinion isn’t my responsibility!

I do try to respond graciously & just give as much of an answer as someone wants to hear.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear…

My answer to the 3 most common questions I get when someone finds out we homeschool.

  1. Did you always plan to homeschool?
  2. Are you going to homeschool through high school?
  3. Why did you decide to homeschool

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Thank you for listening & sharing with your friends!! I am so excited about the upcoming conversations that’ll be released, including several episodes specifically for brand new and on-the-fence homeschoolers, as well as interviews with Crystal Paine, Cindy Rollins, and some regular ol’ homeschool moms like you and me.

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