Episode 003: Music Appreciation in Your Homeschool with Mary Prather

In today’s episode of Everyday Homeschool, I had a great conversation with Mary Prather, founder of SQUILT Music Appreciation and Homegrown Learners.

Mary shares her homeschooling journey and how she teaches music appreciation online to hundreds of homeschool kiddos. She is so enthusiastic about this topic! As a former music teacher, I just loved listening to Mary’s passion & excitement on this topic.

Mary also has a great perspective, looking back on homeschooling her own kids. She has the benefit of hindsight those of us who are currently homeschooling wish we had.

Tune in to hear Mary’s invaluable tips and perspectives on homeschooling, music appreciation, and fostering a love for learning in your children.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear:

  • What SQUILT is
  • A glimipse into Squilt
  • Some DIY music appreciation resources
  • Mary reflecting on her homeschool years (she graduated 2 kids!)
  • The importance of reading in homeschooling
  • Homegrown Learners & Mary’s advice for new homeschooling parents
  • The value of music in homeschooling

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