Episode 008: Can Anyone Really Homeschool

Today’s Everyday Homeschool episode is super cool. I had a chat with Nicki Truesdell, who’s been in the homeschool world for 40 years! She was homeschooled from middle school on, then spent 23 years homeschooling her own kids. Talk about crazy dedication!

We talked about how her homeschooling journey has been like a rollercoaster, with different seasons bringing different challenges And she’s even looking forward to homeschooling her grandkids.

Nicki wrote a book called Anyone Can Homeschool, and honestly, after chatting with her, I totally get where she’s coming from. She’s very committed to the idea that if you really want to homeschool, you can.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Nicki Truesdell’s 40 years of homeschooling experience.
  • The philosophy behind “Anyone Can Homeschool.”
  • How to overcome obstacles in homeschooling like schedules and budgets.
  • Why it doesn’t take 12 years to educate a child?
  • The importance of reading and copy work in homeschooling.

Overall, chatting with Nicki was a blast. Her resilience and passion for homeschooling are totally infectious. So yeah, if you’re ever thinking about homeschooling, Nicki’s your guru.

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