Episode 009: How Kids Learn to Read

Welcome back to another episode of Everyday Homeschool! Today, we’re tackling a topic that can be equal amounts joy + fear + frustration…

Teaching our little ones to read at home.

Side by side, on the couch and hopefully without all tears or tantrums.

Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know just how overwhelming it can feel. But fear not! We’re going to break it down into bite-sized, stress-free steps.

In this episode, you’ll:

  • Learn how to spot the signs that your child might be ready to read and how to conduct a simple test to gauge their readiness.
  • Discover the importance of phonograms and blending sounds, plus practical tips for teaching them effectively.
  • Find practices to guide your child in building words, spelling, and handwriting, all essential components of reading.
  • Find tons of recommendations for reading curriculum options and resources for further support.

So, get ready to empower your child on their reading journey with our comprehensive guide to teaching reading at home. No need for expensive curriculums or advanced degrees – just follow along and watch your child blossom into a confident reader!

Links and Resources mentioned:

phonogram kit flashcards and printables