English Grammar

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50 fundamentals of English Grammar put to song. Each song is short, sweet & catchy!

  • The whole album is less than 25 minutes long.
  • Definitions, lists, grammar charts – this album will be a very in depth, comprehensive foundation for English Grammar.
  • Listen for a school year, and your kids will have them for life. Or, split the songs across a few different school years and units.
  • Digital Purchase – includes the complete English Grammar Album and the Printable Guide.

The downloadable mp3 files include 50 individual songs that will help students of any age master the fundamentals of English Grammar in a fun & easy way.

The printable guide is an amazing resource to help you use the songs effectively, provide a visual reference to the material, and track progress if you want.

We’ve found that short & sweet works best for memorization, so most tunes are less than 30 seconds long.

The tracks are:

  • 8 Parts of Speech
  • Definition of a Noun
  • Definition of a Pronoun
  • Definition of a Verb
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Definition of Preposition
  • Definition of Conjunction
  • Interjections
  • Types of Nouns
  • Subject Noun
  • Posessive Noun
  • Indirect Object
  • Direct Object
  • Object of the Preposition
  • Predicate Nominative
  • Object Complement Noun
  • Direct Address Noun
  • Appositive
  • Noun Attributes
  • Pronoun Order
  • Subject Pronouns
  • Object Pronouns
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Reflexive Pronouns
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Interrogative, Demonstrative & Relative (IDR) Pronouns
  • Indefinite Pronouns
  • Types of Verbs
  • Intransitive Verbs
  • Transitive Verbs
  • Helping Verbs
  • Linking Verbs
  • State of Being Verbs
  • Definition of Infinitive
  • Definition of Past & Present Participles
  • Verb Attitrubes
  • Verb Person
  • Verb Number
  • Verb Voice
  • Verb Mood
  • Verb Tenses Simples
  • Verb Tenses Perfects
  • Verb Tenses Progressives
  • Verb Tenses Perfect Progressives
  • Some Prepositions
  • Compound Prepositions
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Correlative Conjunctions
  • Subordinating Conjunctions

Scroll down for song samples!

** Note – All of these songs are split over the 3 years of the yearly Musical Memory program, a comprehensive Memory Work program that includes all of these English songs (divided over 3 years) plus Bible, Latin, English Grammar & Math. The years can be completed in any order. Check out Year 1 here.



Object of the Preposition (mp3)

Noun Attributes (mp3)

Pronoun Definition (mp3)


Your purchase is a digital download zip file with 50 songs inside plus a pdf guide. Upon purchasing, you own the mp3 files and be able to play them wherever you’d like.

Please do not share the songs outside of your own home.

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