Complete Phonogram Kit: Games, Flashcards, Handwriting Practice & Tracking Charts

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The complete phonogram packet includes everything you need to teach all English phonograms to your children.


Master all 75 phonograms with this printable phonogram kit your kids will love!

The complete phonogram kit includes printable phonogram flashcards, motivating tracking charts, 11 fun, no-prep games, and coordinating handwriting pages. Whether you are gently using the phonograms to teach a young child to read or quickly learning phonograms to help an older child with literacy fluency, this packet will make phonogram practice effective, efficient , and FUN! 

Recommended for kids ages 4-10.

NOTE: Discounted deal if you bundle this phonogram kit with my brand new How to Teach Reading Workshop. Get the bundle here instead!! 


  1. The 75 most common phonograms – the first, essential component to learning how to read. 
  2. How to write and say the phonograms


  1. Phonograms flashcards (75) and games kit
  2. 11 no prep phonogram games you can play right away
  3. Instructions about how to use the cards and games
  4. Apples themed phonogram chart for tracking the first 26 phonograms learned
  5. Honeycomb themed phonogram chart for tracking mastery of all 75 phonograms! 
  6. Master spreadsheet with all 75 phonograms, sounds, key words, and spelling rules for parental reference.
  7. 60 page writing packet for ages 4-8.
  8. Upper and lowercase alphabet traceable pages for preschoolers – recommended to use with page protectors and dry erase markers.
  9. Large, traceable lowercase letters for the first 26 phonogram sounds – recommended to use with page protectors and dry erase markers
  10. 50 multi-letter phonogram writing pages with small icons to color – older children who are working on handwriting can practice printing the multi-letter phonograms neatly.

Why is this packet so big? Should I use it all at once? It’s large because it has lots of options so that you can pick and choose which activities will best serve your child. 

How do you teach the phonograms using this packet? The 7 step process is explained in this blog post.

How do you teach kids to read after learning the phonograms? That’s explained in this blog post. 

What else should I do for preschool and kindergarten? That’s up to you! You know your child best. My recommendations are to read lots of picture books and fun poetry and start listening to memory work songs (but don’t require mastery) along with other fun preschool songs. 

If your 4-5 year old child shows interest in school-type work, teach him to form printed letters correctly with a sand tray, chalk, or dry erase markers. Learn the phonograms a few at a time, play this blending game, and start working your way through the hands-on activities in Preschool Math at Home. Spend 10-20 minutes on those school-type things a few times a day. Then just live life together. Let your children cook and clean with you, sing together, explore your local town and nature areas, and most importantly, give your children ample amounts of unstructured play time. 


This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.




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