Human Anatomy Songs & Guide

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12 amazing songs to help you study human anatomy with your elementary school aged kids. Each song is short, sweet & catchy. Kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE these.

  • The whole album is less than 12 minutes long.
  • Listen for a month or two, and your kids will have them for life.
  • Digital Purchase – includes the complete Human Anatomy Album and the Printable Guide

The downloadable mp3 files include 12 individual songs that will help students of any age master the Human Body Systems in a fun & easy way.

The printable guide is an amazing resource to help you use the songs effectively, provide a visual reference to the material, complete worksheets, and track progress if you want.

We’ve found that short & sweet works best for memorization, so each tune is less than 60 seconds long.

The tracks are:

  • Major Human Systems
  • Major Bones of Skeletal System
  • Bones of Axial Skeleton
  • Nervous System
  • 5 Main Senses
  • Part of Excretory System
  • Part of Digestive System
  • Part of Circulatory System
  • Major Parts of Respiratory System
  • The Endocrine System
  • Four Types of Tissue
  • Three Types of Muscle

Scroll down for song samples!

Make sure to check out our book list that pairs with the Human Body System songs…

^That post has additional ideas about HOW to use songs & books for science with your elementary school aged kids.

Is this a complete curriculum!? I believe books & songs are truly enough for elementary school aged kids’ science. These books & songs provide a springboard for your kids. Kids are already curious. When you read books and sing songs, they ask deeper questions that take you on the best rabbit trails. Your family’s study of a topic will be truly unique to you! You might thrift a really cool human body puzzle. Another family might get really into the amazing Seymour Simon photography books or find a cool documentary. Start with the books & songs and see where it takes you.

** Note – This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. 


Song Sample:

Major Systems of the Human Body (mp3)



Your purchase is a digital download zip file with 12 songs inside plus a pdf guide. Upon purchasing, you own the mp3 files and be able to play them wherever you’d like.

Please do not share the songs outside of your own home.

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