Latin Songs & Guide

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This is a complete Latin Musical Memory Work program for children who are studying Latin or will be some day. These are the Latin songs from all 3 cycles of memory work, combined into one convenient album, and the songs will help you no matter which curriculum you choose to use!

All the fundamentals of Latin language & grammar put to song. Each song is short, sweet & catchy!

  • The whole album is less than 18 minutes long
  • Definitions, lists, grammar charts – this album includes a very in-depth, comprehensive foundation for Latin studies.
  • Listen for a school year and your kids will have them for life! Or, split the songs over the course of a few different school years.
  • Digital download includes – complete Latin Songs Album and the printable guide that walks you through the whole program.

The downloadable mp3 files include 31 individual songs that will help students of any age master the fundamentals of the Latin language in a fun and easy way.

The printable guide is an amazing resource to help you use the songs effectively, provide a visual reference to the material, and track progress if you want.

We’ve found that short & sweet works best for memorization, so most tunes are less than 30 seconds long.

The tracks are: 

  • Latin Noun Cases
  • Declensions & Conjugations
  • Cardinal Numbers 0-10
  • Ordinal Numbers 1st through 10th
  • First Declension Noun Endings
  • Second Declension Masculine Noun Endings
  • Second Declension Neuter Noun Endings
  • Third Declension Masculine and Feminine Noun Endings
  • Third Declension Neuter Noun Endings
  • Fourth Declension Noun Endings
  • Fifth Declension Noun Endings
  • Present Tense Verb Endings
  • Imperfect Tense Verb Endings
  • Future Tense Verb Endings
  • Perfect Tense Verb Endings
  • Pluperfect Tense Verb Endings
  • Future Perfect Tense Verb Endings
  • The To Be Verb Sum
  • First Person Pronouns
  • Second Person Pronouns
  • Principal Parts Defintiion
  • Principal Parts Conjugations
  • How Latin Prepositions Work
  • Prepositions Ablative
  • Prepositions Accusative
  • Table Blessing Latin & English
  • Doxology Latin & English
  • Sanctus & Benedictus Latin & English

Scroll down for song samples!

** Note – All of these songs are split over the 3 years of the yearly Musical Memory program, a comprehensive Memory Work program that includes all of these English songs (divided over 3 years) plus Bible, Latin, English Grammar & Math. The years can be completed in any order. Check out Year 1 here.



Declensions & Conjugations (mp3)

Cardinal Numbers 0-10 (mp3)

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