PREK – 2nd Grade Essential Math Printables



Make it easy to teach math concepts to your 4-7 year olds! These printables are the best basic math printables you need for preschool through 2nd grade math.

Note: if your 6-8 year old is in a first or second grade math program but does not have practice with a 10 frame, a part/whole mat, or spelling the number words, you will find this packet incredibly helpful! Just skip the younger kid tracing pages and go straight to the 10 frames, spelling pages, etc.


  1. Tracing number practice, in multiple formats of increasing difficulty
  2. Subitizing 0-20, how to visualize a number on 5, 10, & 20 frames without counting
  3. Representing different quantities on the part-part-whole mat, which is the foundation of all addition & subtraction.
  4. How to spell the number words (one, two, three, etc.)


  1. Multiple activity pages for tracing practice at increasing difficulty – we recommend putting each one in a dry erase sleeve because using dry erase markers makes practice easy & fun!
  2. 5, 10, & 20 frame flashcards 
  3. 5, 10, & 20 frame teaching templates 
  4. Part-Part-Whole mat template and teaching instructions

Will this work with my math curriculum? Yep! These basic math printables work as an accompaniment to any math curriculum.

Can I use with multiple children? Yep, there are a variety of resources for ages 4-7, so feel free to keep on printing for multiple children in your home.

How should I print this? However you want. I like the tracing and writing pages on regular paper in page protectors. My preschooler has a tracing binder with activities like these. The pages you’ll use repeatedly (flashcards & 10-frame template, part-part-whole mat) may be printed on cardstock if available. Laminating optional!

Homeschool Math Recommendations: For a detailed overview of my personal homeschool math curriculum & manipulatives, read this post. For a Harvard-Math-Grad-Turned-Homeschool-Mom-and-Curriculum-Writer’s opinion, read this post.

Math Songs Bundle: This math song bundle includes most of the basic facts & formulas for K-8. I recommend playing it while driving, eating, or during free play time. The kids will internalize the songs early on, which will make understanding the concepts easier in the long run. 

Please note: This product is intended for individual home or classroom use. Please do not share outside of your home or classroom. These may not be templated or sold elsewhere.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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