Episode 002: Cultivating Great Writers, Thinkers & Fort Builders with Andrew Pudewa

This interview with Andrew Pudewa was so fun! Our conversation truly encouraged me as a teacher & a mom. I hope it gives you tons of ideas and inspiration for thinking outside the box, incorporating literature & poetry, and making memorization fun.

In This Episode, You’ll Hear…

  • Overarching principles for teaching writing really well
  • Why writing is like cooking
  • How not to teach writing
  • The 4 deadly errors of teaching writing
  • How to apply easy plus one with your young children
  • What is “enough” for homeschool lessons with 5-8 year olds
  • Why chess may be the missing piece to your 2nd grader’s curriculum
  • How memorization helps build critical thinking
  • What writing instruction might look like in the early years.
  • How to detach schoolwork & learning from paper & pencils & desks. (AKA: How to not replicate school at home.)

Links Mentioned

Thank you for listening & sharing with your friends!! I am so excited about the upcoming conversations that’ll be released, including several episodes specifically for brand new and on-the-fence homeschoolers, as well as interviews with Crystal Paine, Cindy Rollins, and some regular ol’ homeschool moms like you and me.

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