Beginning Reading Workshop


This is a video based workshop. You can purchase the bundle of this exact workshop with the complete phonogram kit here. 

This 1-hour, video-based workshop covers everything you need to know about teaching beginning readers.

If you still have questions after the workshop, you can email me and I’ll respond individually.

The workshop includes a very basic PDF handout with references, resources, and links as well as an audio file that you can listen to instead of video if you prefer. For this topic, the video workshop will be helpful as there are some things I demonstrate hands-on.

This How to Teach Reading Workshop covers:

  • How to assess reading readiness- is your child ready?
  • What print awareness and very early literacy skills look like
  • What the process of learning to read looks like start to “finish”
  • How to introduce letter sounds
  • The blending game that will help your child go from reading individual letters sounds to sounding out words.
  • How to teach reading at each step of the process using mostly materials you have at home and the stuff included in this kit!
  • Recommended tools, curriculum, & books to help you further.

You’ll receive instant access to everything.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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