Complete Year 2 Program: Songs + Guide


Complete School Year’s Memory Work – 100% Songs 

95 short & sweet songs for learning the basics of 5 core subjects, all set up in 1 easy-to-access weekly playlist. Just download the songs to your device of choice, print the pdf guide to go along with the songs & hit play. Finally, an easy way to make homeschool memory work doable & fun! 

Designed for ages 4-11. Classical & Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.


  1. MATH – 33 fundamentals of math including skip counting up to 12s, basic geometry formulas, the essential properties, measurement equivalents and more.
  2. SCIENCE – Year 2 includes foundational concepts from Physics, Chemistry, and Human Anatomy. Learn helpful definitions & fascinating facts that inspire kids to ask big questions about the world around them & the way God made them. (Each yearly album includes different science topics, so by the end of 3 years, your child will have covered a wide variety!) 
  3. ENGLISH GRAMMAR – English is such a rich, vast language. In Year 2, your child will master the fundamentals of English verbs. By the end of 3 years, your child will have learned the basics of all 8 parts of speech and be prepared for a deeper, practical study of English. 
  4. BIBLE – We encourage families to memorize longer passages of scripture each school year. This Year 2 Album includes songs for Isaiah 53:2-6 (Old Testament Jesus), John 1:1-5, 9-14 (New Testament Jesus), 1 Corinthians. 13: 4-8, Philippians 4:4-8, and Matthew 6:6-13. 
  5. LATIN* – Being exposed to the basics of Latin first makes studying the language so much easier later. If you plan to take your older child through First Form Latin, Visual Latin, Latin Alive! or another popular Latin curriculum, these songs will more than prepare your child. Trust me, they’ll thank you later! Year 1 covers noun cases, verb conjugations,  the Sanctus & Benedictus, and the to be verb, Sum. 

*If you don’t intend to study Latin, you can easily skip or delete these songs. If you’re on the fence, we recommend just playing the songs anyway… they’re 30 seconds long, so you don’t have much to lose. Plus, you never know which of your kids will turn out to love Latin and be a linguistics genius. 😉


  1. GIANT SONGS ZIP FILE – this file includes all the songs for the program broken down by week AND by subject. There is one week-by-week playlist that you can literally just hit play on each week. There are also 5 individual subject albums that have all the songs organized by topic. These albums are for focusing on one topic at a time or just reviewing a favorite subject area. 
  2. PDF GUIDE – The weekly guide is ready to print & go. It includes the text for all the songs organized in a weekly grid layout. Plus, there are teaching tips, review games, tracking sheets, and more! 

When should I start playing the songs at? Young children have an amazing ability to memorize! We recommend playing these songs for children as young as 3-6 years old, but just for fun! Don’t expect mastery or understanding at this age. Children who internalize the text will later develop deep understanding as they begin to apply the principles they memorized at a younger age. Older children can also use the songs to help memorize & cement concepts they may be working on in their studies. You can learn more about why & how memory work increases critical thinking here. 

Is this a complete curriculum? Musical Memory is intended as a supplement to curriculum for individual families and larger homeschooling communities. You can use the science songs in coordination with a unit study, but you don’t need to perfectly coordinate your curriculum to the songs. You can listen to and learn the songs while still going about your normal studies. Then sit back and watch as your kids start to ask questions inspired by the songs & make deep connections between the songs and what they read in books. 

Can I buy individual subjects? Yep! The best bang-for-your-buck comes in purchasing the whole program. But, if you only want to grab one science topic or the math album, you can find those individually in our shop. 

How many years are in the program? There are 3 years total that cover a vast amount of elementary education fundamentals across all 5 subject areas. We recommend listening to the songs at least twice through from ages 4-11. Sample plan: 

  • Kinder- Year 1
  • 1st – Year 2
  • 2nd – Year 3 
  • 3rd – Repeat Year 1 (you will be amazed how much your child remembers even 3 years later… The second listen is when the concepts really start to stick & the child is old enough to ask interesting questions inspired by the songs!) 
  • 4th – Repeat Year 2
  • 5th – Repeat Year 3 

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