11 Picture Books About the Human Body for Kids

One of the most fascinating topics to teach young children is Human Anatomy. Sparking a child’s curiosity about the amazing world inside them is both fun and educational. It’s perfect for kids because they have a body & are curious about it! The human body is a fascinating & complex machine filled with wonder.  For homeschooled …

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Episode 007: Seasons of Life Homeschooling

Homeschooling doesn’t look like traditional school. Say it again to yourself a few times… The thing is – we don’t know what we don’t know. And we only know what we know. (Haha) So, it makes sense that homeschooling moms (myself included) start out trying to do school at home. But family life at home …

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Episode 006 Everyday Homeschool Seasons Based homeschool

Episode 006: Seasons Based homeschooling Part 1

This podcast episode is about seasons-based homeschooling. I love thinking about seasons. Seasons of the year, seasons of life, and seasons of homeschool life. Specifically, I want to discuss seasons of the year. And how the seasons of the year that come every year without fail, spring, summer, winter, fall, how they affect our homeschooling …

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Episode 005 Episode 002 Everyday Homeschool Crystal Paine

Episode 005: Love Centered Parenting

Joining me in today’s episode is Crystal Paine, author and founder of With 3 teens and 3 toddlers, including a sweet adopted little guy who has down syndrome, Crystal speaks candidly about the trials and joys of parenting. In this episode, you’ll hear: Seriously, I took away so much from our conversation, and I …

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Episode 004 everyday homeschool

Episode 004: Ohhhhh You Homeschool….

In this episode, I share the 3 basic questions I get any time we get into that conversation in public and someone says, “Ohhhh… you homeschool.” I’m half kidding about the tone of the stranger’s response. Most people respond positively when it comes out that we homeschool. But honestly, their opinion isn’t my responsibility! I …

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Episode 003 Mary Prather

Episode 003: Music Appreciation in Your Homeschool with Mary Prather

In today’s episode of Everyday Homeschool, I had a great conversation with Mary Prather, founder of SQUILT Music Appreciation and Homegrown Learners. Mary shares her homeschooling journey and how she teaches music appreciation online to hundreds of homeschool kiddos. She is so enthusiastic about this topic! As a former music teacher, I just loved listening …

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Everyday homeschool podcast renee cook cover

Episode 001: Welcome to Everyday Homeschool

Episode 001 of Everyday Homeschool is an introduction to the show & the host, Renee Cook (that’s me). I’m a homeschool mom of 4 and creator of the Musical Memory program. I’m starting a homeschool podcast because I love thinking, learning, and talking about: I truly believe anyone who really wants to homeschool can do …

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Variety in homeschool curriculum feature image

Why Use Variety in Homeschooling Resources?

Think about when you really want to learn something…. How do you go about it? You probably immerse yourself in the writings or videos of people who’ve already mastered the topic. You may find various books & articles. You likely start doing or practicing the thing or thinking about it regularly. The resources probably look …

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what if you don't finish the homeschool curriculum

What if We Don’t Finish the Homeschool Curriculum?

Do you ever worry that you’re not on pace to make it through the curriculum or finish in time or cover it all… or [insert your fear about your kids’ progress or lack there of.] I’m going to say something very controversial in the homeschool world. It might ruffle your feathers. You might vehemently disagree. …

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